Thursday, November 13, 2008

What drives you...

In this monotonous life we all live in, there needs to be something that drives you to wake up the next day. For most of the people (including me most of the times), it is the coming Friday. Monday morning we wake up thinking - Only 5 more days and then I will get to sleep at my will. 

But then, sometimes the weekend also seems to give not enough 'juice' to drive the brain to 'Get up and get on it'... 

So, like most of the sane beings out there, I (should rather say - we: Ruchi and I) have started this Running regime that we try to stick to. We have been successful for the last 6 months. Hard to believe and imagine - we do get up at 5 am in the morning to go make ourselves uncomfortable in the gymnasium.  She loves to go do group cycling and I am a big fan of running. (Run Forest Run!!!). We spend almost 7 hours/week at the gym. 

While this schedule is still driving her pretty strong, it kinda started fading away for me. My restless brain needed more 'juice' to drive it. Don't get me wrong - our 6 month ordeal has paid us big time. Both of us have burnt off some good amount of weight, and are very satisfied with our progress: both on the weighing scale and on the speed-o-meter on the treadmill (Endurance). 

While it has not only been a great motivator for us so far to hit the gym every AM, it also has been helping us quite well at keeping away from 'junk' foods. We are eating healthier, just the right portions and are able to now say NO to something that looks unhealthy. [As they say - if it looks unhealthy, it most probably is]. It also is giving Ruchi a good enough reason to go on a shopping spree, now that our clothes 'dont' fit us anymore...

This is when Ruchi suggested I should participate and practice for a 10Km (6.2 mi) run on Thanksgiving day that is coming up on November 27th. Its called RunToFeedTheHungry. And that has done the trick for me so far. I actually look forward to run everyday. I have seen my progress in the last few weeks: averaging from 6 miles / hour when I started practicing, I now average 7+ miles / hour. I keep telling myself I can do much better - and that's what is driving me (for now). I keep telling myself, as each day passes by, that I have less and less time to improve. 

I have since installed a couple of iPhone apps (runKeeper and iMapMyRun) and trying to track it. Have been planning out what songs should I put on the playlist that will keep me going during my first public attempt at a marathon.

From the RunToFeedTheHungry website:
WHEN: Thanksgiving Morning Thursday, November 27th, 2008 "Rain Or Shine!"

So, Rain or Shine, I am going to go Run to feed the Hungry on Thanksgiving. And then later that evening sit, relax, recover from my first marathon, drink and think about the next 'juice' for my brain.