Monday, December 12, 2011

How does he do it?

Running Marathons is for sure not easy. I wonder, how do you keep yourself engaged and concentrated for 26.2 miles!! Shavi ran his second full marathon this year (2011) on December 5. It was the California International Marathon (CIM). He beat his personal record (PR) by almost 1.30 minutes, finishing the marathon in 3 hrs 47 mins. Of course it required a lot of training and dedication. Waking up every day at 5am for training and running long miles for more than 6 months for sure requires a lot of determination. Running with a group makes it little easier. It is hard but seeing the 8000 people run this marathon and cheering Shavi was very motivating for me. These people are full of energy. Kenya's Monyenye won the men's marathon, finishing in 2 hrs 11 mins and 50 secs. Ethiopia's Serkalem won the women's race, finishing in 2 hrs, 33 mins and 40 secs. I am proud of Shavi and hope he continues with his running! Some day, I hope to get there as well!