Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Shavi's first 50 miler run is coming up!!!!

It is Shavi's first 50-mile run on April 7, 2012. We are both nervous and at the same time excited about it. Shavi has been doing a great job in training himself but even then, it is just not easy! The run is called AR50 (American River 50 miles). This ultra-marathon is a qualifier for Western States 100 Mile Endurance run.

AR50 is not going to be easy since it has hills in the second half but that what does not kill you, makes you stronger! Right?:)

There are so many side-questions:
1. Will the GPS run out of juice in the middle of the run?
2. Is it a good idea to change shoes in the middle of the run since half trail is asphalt and the other half is hills.
3. Will the mp3 player run out of juice? Should not, but who knows!
4. What if the KT tape comes off?
5. What if the Chaffing cream's effect doesn't stay that long?
6. Hope it's not too hot/sunny and doesn't rain either.

Well, all I have to remember is to give him a carb-loaded diet on Thursday and a low-fat diet on Friday since the run is on Saturday. Hope he remembers to drink lot of water the entire week. I also need to remember to help him pack all his stuff including running food and I need to be there at all the accessible points on the trail to cheer and support him. He needs to remember to only RUN and finish STRONG! You can do this, sweetheart!:)

Monday, March 12, 2012

His first ultra marathon (50 kms) in the books

Yet again, Shavi made me proud of him. He ran his first ultra marathon (50 kms) on March 10, 2011. The trail run called 'Way Too Cool 50K (almost 31 miles)' was in Cool, CA. The run involved an overall 9000 ft. elevation change. Shavi aced it by completing it in 5 hours 55 minutes.
After a very hectic training which he started much later than the others, after getting back from our India trip in mid-January, I think he did an excellent job. Even though he was expecting to complete it in 6 hours 30 minutes, he completed it in much less duration. He was impressed by the aid stations on the way and good arrangements by race management. And I was impressed by him and by so many other people aged 60+ running the 50 kms trail run. Shavi felt excellent after the run and had all the smiles:) Keep it up, Shavi!

Now, his next goal is AR 50 which is a 50 miler!! It starts at American River, Sacramento, CA and ends in Auburn, CA. He is still wait listed on the race but let's see. Until then, his training continues:)