Monday, November 12, 2012

Western States Lottery

Over the weekend I put my name up for Western States (WS100) Lottery. Ever since I did my American River 50 mile race in April, I have been going back and forth on should I do WS100 or not.

I finally took the plunge, thinking that the chances of getting in are around 10% - so even if I do not get in, I can atleast better my chances for next year. What WS100 organizers do is that if you do not get picked a certain year, they will leave your name in the 'hat' for next year. So the following year if I plan to apply again, the 'hat' will have 2 entries with my name on it, essentially doubling my chances.

WS100 is a prestigious ultra race. It was the very first 100 mile trail run pioneered by Gordy. Gordy was crazy enough to showup on foot to a horse race when his horse was hurt and was not able to participate in the race. Here is a picture of Gordy and I at the Western States finish line in June 2012.

Its not 'easy' to get in. To even put your name in the lottery, you have to first qualify. I qualified this year by doing AR50 in under 11 hours. AR50 is one of the 50 mile races on the WS100 qualifying list of races. You can read Ruchi's post on my AR50 race this year.

WS100 is a great chance to be among the ultra-running legends like Killian Jornet and Scott Jurek and Ellie Greenwood.

Now the restless countdown to the lottery day on December 8th begins... Fingers, Toes, legs, arms - everything crossed... GULP...