Friday, August 2, 2013

TRT - 100 miles - Detailed race report by Shavi coming soon!

What a brutal race it was on July 20-21, 2013 - Tahoe Rim Trail 100 miles! Temperatures crossed 100 deg F. 100 deg at that altitude was insane. The UV index was +12. I was at mere 7000 ft altitude and the sun was pricking me like crazy. I am sure it was worse for Shavi who went higher in the mountains. With an altitude change of almost 42,000 ft and with a rate of less than 60% finishers, Shavi finished the brutal race in less than 32.5 hours. He struggled with stomach issues, blisters and high altitude issues during the race but he made it to the finish line with his strong will-power and determination, much before the 35-hour cut-off.

He was walking just fine after the race and there was more excitement in his eyes rather than fatigue just after the race. It took couple of days for his body to get back to normal and he ran a 10K trail race (Blood, Sweat and Beers) with my sister at a slower pace, the weekend after!!

His first 100-miler race was a success and I am super-proud of him! Can't wait to crew him in his second 100-miler, whenever that happens:)