Friday, September 6, 2013

Run On the Sly - Shavi's birthday race, August 2013

How can Shavi not run this race! It is a perfect birthday gift for him since it falls close to his birthday every year. Last year, it was on his the day of his birthday (Aug 19) and I threw him a surprise birthday party after the race (20-miles). It was lot of fun!

Within the last one year, he has run so many big races and I have accompanied him in all races. But this time it was different. This was the first race, I could not go with him or be with him after the finish. He ran 20-miles and improved his time from last year by 20 minutes, even though he was taking it easy and had not been training for it. His time was around 4 hours. This year, the race was one day before his birthday, on August 18, Sunday. Run on the Sly is run in Sly Park in El Dorado county, close to Placerville.

Last year, Shavi had run the 20 miles just after his terrible back spasm due to which he had landed in ER and so had taken it easy. And this year, he had not yet recovered from his 100-mile race. Last year, I had run the shorter course of 12K but this year, I did not even go there:) This race has various course: 12K, half marathon, 20 miles and 50K. Last year some people got lost on the 50K course. So, we figured that it might not be a good race for 50K. Probably the trails weren't well marked.

Like Blood, Sweat and Beers, this race is also organized by Fleet Feet, Sacramento. Parking at the venue is sufficient and there is a burrito bar at the end of the race for runners. The 12K course is nice, half marathon course is even better and 20 mile course is great with great views of Jenkinson lake. The aid stations are well equipped. Maybe next year, if Shavi plans to do the 50K, then I can talk about the 50K course as well :-)

Blood Sweat and Beers - July 2013

Even before his legs could get some rest after his big TRT 100-miles, Shavi ran another race the following weekend on July 28, 2013. This one was for my sister, Anu. He was pacing her, so running at a slower pace than his normal. They both did the shorter course which is around 6 miles on trails with elevation of course. This race is organized by Fleet Feet Sacramento around the same time every year. I did the short course last year and Shavi had then done the longer course which is 10.5 miles. Both Anu and Shavi were tired after organizing and throwing me a lavish baby shower just the day before. Sleeping late and waking up early for the race did not stop them from going slow in the race. Anu's flight back to her home was that evening. I am so proud of my runners. It teaches you so much discipline in life, determination and tests your will power.

The race which is run in Auburn (parking is close to Auburn dam overlook) is true to its name. You run, you sweat a lot due to hills and then get a couple of free beers after the race. It is a party kind of thing after race. This race has become a trend among Sacramento runners. People like the course and of course the beers after! The aid stations are pretty good. Shavi and I like their race shirts - good colors and look great. The race gets filled up pretty soon.