Monday, March 3, 2014

Western States 100-miler: Here comes Shavi!

We had been waiting for this and it is going to happen this year!!! Shavi will be running yet another 100-miler which he has been dreaming of since a few years: Western States on June 28-29, 2014. It is going to be exciting. With the newborn at home, training hasn't been easy for him but it is now time to be pumped up since he has a lot races lined up (as training runs) before the big one. This time, it will not be as easy as it was for his last 100-miler but we will get through this together with all the enthusiasm:)

The first big race is this weekend. It is only 50K (now I say "only" with 50K), equivalent to 31 miles: Way Too Cool. The list of his races has been growing:

1. Way Too Cool 50K on March 8, 2014
2. AR 50M on April 5, 2014
3. Mokelumne River 50M on April 19, 2014 (his first time doing this)
4. Miners Revenge 26.2M on April 28, 2014 (his first time doing this - the race is new as well)
5. Canyons 50K on May 3, 2014 (his first time doing this)
6. Gold Rush 100K on May 2014
7. Silver State 50M on May 17, 2014
8. Western States training runs from May 24-26, 2014

And from here on will start his taper weeks for the big race. Getting anxious and excited already!!

Sometimes RICE is what is needed and it sucks!

Injury? Ankle injury! Not fun. I had hardly got back into running after the baby and the ankle injury stuck me. I started running after 3 months of having our little boy and in the 4th month, while I had already reached 9-mile distance, I twisted my ankle. The ankle got swollen and I could barely walk. I have to admit that it was all my fault. Even when it was hurting, I kept running and I crossed that fine line between normal pain/cramps and injury:-( I had been feeling the pain but I kept ignoring it, thinking it is because I have got back into distance running after a long time. After that 9-mile run, I made it worse and had to sit back for a few weeks.

I had to follow the advise of my doctor - Dr. Shavi ;-) whom I trust so well, especially when it comes to running. I was advised not to run, ice it like crazy, elevate it, compress it and have ibuprofen to reduce inflammation. It took long 3 weeks of no running and RICE (Rest, Icing, Compression and Elevation) before the swelling reduced. It is frustrating but you got to take care if you do not want permanent damage. I tried everything and the healing process was slow but it was working. I even tried crepe bandage and anti-inflammatory ointments. I started running in the 4th week, wearing ankle strap. Ankle strap is a great thing - it holds on to the ankle muscles and doesn't let it move much. The pain is still there but it is getting better. I have been doing slow 4-5 miles every other day and it feels better every day. The bad thing about injuries and rest is that you have to start all over again. Training for my first half marathon after pregnancy is fun and I am loving it. Go away ankle pain!

Lessons learned: Do not ignore pains. If injured, follow RICE and have ibuprofen. Take it slow and easy once the pain is getting better and use straps like ankle straps etc.