Thursday, March 12, 2015

Way Too Cool 50K

Shavi did another 50K on March 7, 2015, within couple of weeks of his first 50K this year. Is that insane or what! Way Too Cool 50K is a pretty popular race and Shavi has been doing it since the past few years.
It was a hot day and Shavi wanted to do this race as another training run for his 100-miler in June. He had a good time and so did we at the finish line, enjoying the post-race festivities. He completed the race in 5 hours 41 minutes.

FOURmidable 50K - Here begins the ultra season!!

Shavi's first ultra race this season on Feb 21, 2015. This 50K race was to start at 6.30am but apparently it was delayed by 30 mins since the race director did not reach the start line on time!!! The aid stations were not impressive and had only packaged food. The course was harder and more challenging than Way Too Cool 50K. The race started and finished from Cool Fire Station, CA. Quite few people rav this race since it is not too popular.
The race has a half marathon and 100K distance as well.