Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Thanksgiving Run

Finally it was 'Thanksgiving' last Thursday and we had the much awaited Thanksgiving Marathon that morning. It was an awesome experience. Even though I was not among the 30,000 people registered to run, I was feeling great supporting Shavi who was running the 10K marathon. There were people of all ages - starting from 7-8years to old people on wheelchair - running and walking in the 5K and 10K race. The enthusiasm of the people on wheelchair for the run was amazing. I had never seen such a big crowd in Sacramento ever. There were all sorts of stalls and music playing. Even people with kids in strollers were running/walking - it was just astonishing to see so many people supporting the cause - 'Run to feed the hunger'.

I did not have to wait much for Shavi at the Finish lane - he was there much before we were expecting - he ran 10 kms in less than 50 minutes. Shavi finished the marathon among the 1st 1000 people out of the 30,000 people running. I am proud of him that he could make it within the 1st 800 with so many professional runners.
We did not know before that The Sacramento Thanksgiving Marathon is the most famous marathon of US and has the most people running. We have the pictures posted on our facebook profiles.

Though it was a sad week - it was just a couple days after the Mumbai Tragedy news, we still tried to cheer up ourselves on that day. It was quite hard - the heinious crime - the Mumbai shootings on 26/11 had left such a deep impact on everyone concerned. Well, I dont even want to get started on this topic. There are 2 kinds of people - one who just talk and complain and the others who act and I do not want to fall in the 1st category as I know that I can never fall in the 2nd category:(