Monday, May 21, 2012

10 + 10 and I am proud of myself

This was my first time running 10 miles each consecutive days on Saturday and Sunday. Running with someone who can run at your pace helps a lot in the training runs. I always thought that muscles need to relax after a long run but when I read one of Scott Jurek's article which said that running long runs consecutive days strengthens your muscle endurance, I was tempted to do this. And really, I felt perfectly fine after my 10 + 10. Scott Jurek is my hero these days but only 2nd on the list. The first one is but of course, Shavi:) Scott is a crazy long distance runner who has set record in Western States 100 miles seven consecutive times and many other records for even longer miles (153 miles). His highlights: Scott Jurek.

Thanks to Shavi for running with me on Sunday and motivating me. I would have turned back halfway since it wasn't easy in the sun even when we started running at 6:30am. I ran at an overall faster pace on Sunday than on Saturday. I am still waiting for that day when running 10 miles feel easy.

I have been on a running spree over the weekends after my Parkway half- marathon on April 28, 2012. I ran 15 miles on the trails the Sunday after my half. It was the most brutal run ever since it was the 2nd hardest trail of the Western States 100 mile endurance run, with an elevation change of approximately 15,000 ft. All credit to Shavi for this one since he stayed with me all the time even though he runs at a much faster race than me. I could have never made it without him. It took us and most others 5.20 hours to complete the 15 miles from Michigan Bluff to Pump. The trail is further from Foresthill and Auburn, CA. Being out of breath on those high-elevation, really narrow trails and watching for poison ivy on those trails sure made me have more respect for these long distance runners. I couldn't walk normally 3 days after this run but it felt like an achievement. Next Saturday, I put in another 10 miles. And then there was this weekend where I put in a total of 20 miles. I have been running at least 3-4 times during the week. Funny, I am doing something happily what I used to hate earlier. I am trying to get there, Shavi! Thanks for our support and motivation and the yelling that you have to do;-)