Thursday, August 14, 2014

5K PR for me: 28 mins 27 secs

Having been wanting to do a sub-30 PR since a long time, I was very excited when I finally did it. Thanks to the training and tips from the husband! Two things that helped - he made me believe that I can run the entire distance without walking and without drinking water which I always thought I could not. He taught me to start normal pace, pick up towards the middle and sprint towards the end. I had been training for a sub-30 on hills (almost) and given this race course was a flat course, I could do well under 30 mins:) I was 82 among 350 women and 10th in my age category. My achilles had been hurting since a few days and I was thinking I will not be able to do a sub-30 this time but Shavi made me do a mile warm-up just before the race morning and he did not let me run the week prior since I was hurting. I guess the rest and the warm-up helped also.

Susan B Anthony Women's 5K race which was organized by Buffalo Chips club on August 9, 2014 was a very well organized race. They had excellent tank tops and some goodies as well. One aid station. The entire race and organization was not too crowded.

Perfect race. I will do it again next year, if I can:)