Monday, August 24, 2015

Susan B Anthony Women's 5K race - PR for me: 27:32

Just like last year - SBA was a great race organized by Buffalo Chips club on August 8, 2015. They had lots of pre-race goodies and gave a full-sleeve great quality shirt this time. They give out cheaper entries at Kaiser Women's festival race in June. So, look out for them post-race.

In the race, they have one aid station at around mile 2.2. The course has a few turns and it is mostly in the residential area which is quite shaded. The race is not too crowded and they have a lot of porter potties for the runners at start line. I did a 2-mile warm-up before the race start which helped me run faster in the race, especially since I had been sore due to my boot camp classes that week. Good advise by my runner husband: It is always good to start in the front pack at the start line for small 5K races.

This race also has a free kids fun run before the 5K women's race. It is really fun and would do that again!


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