Friday, May 16, 2014

Gold Rush 100K - the brutal race!

Second year of the race. Second year of Shavi running it. AND no lessons learned by either SRA (the race organizers: Sacramento Running Association) or by Shavi (the runner)!! Yet another year of a not good race. Last year when Shavi raced this one, it was very hot, almost 100 deg F and most runners could not finish the 100 K. The course wasnt well marked either. One wouldn't expect this from the experienced SRA who organize CIM (California International Marathon) each year in Sacramento. Maybe it is because this is the first trail race that SRA is organizing and that too long distance! And not to mention, the course was really not 100 km but 105 km!! Even 0.5 miles matter a lot when it is such a long distance.

This year they changed the course for 100K and introduced 50K distance. The race started and ended in Folsom. The trail course was not well marked and many people were getting lost. The aid stations were not as good as they are with other races. The swag wasn't exciting either. It was a very windy day but we cannot blame SRA for that. The course was not runner friendly.

Having no other 100K race in the area around this time, Gold Rush 100K has an advantage for serving as a training run among runners training for Western States and Tahoe Rim Trail 100m. Just like last year, despite of less heat this year, very few people finished this year. Shavi was feeling miserable around mile 26 because of severe back pain and wanted to quit, fearing an injury which could have been all bad for his real long one - Western States 100 miles in June end. He called me, asking my permission to drop from the race;-) I was worried, a lot worried because he has never done that before. We decided that he would keep going slow until he can since there was no pick-up point for me to go pick him at that point. I decided to go check him at all crewing aid stations after that. He kept going. I kept seeing him at all accessible points. Thank Goodness that the baby's grandparents were here that time. I was able to leave him with them and follow Shavi else it would have been hard.

Copying from Shavi's facebook post:
What a day! First, the Gold Rush 100K became Gold Rush 105K. Second, I almost quit at mile 26, but my amazing wife Ruchi talked me into keep going as far as I can to get miles in. She, Keith and Alicia became my impromptu crew after they knew I was hurting. It was slow day, but I am glad I kept moving and finished in day light. Great to see all the support from volunteers and running friends Deirdre, James, Todd, Kelly, Zachary, Brandy, David, Martin, Tim, Sarah.

I am super proud of Shavi for completing this one, in spite of all the hard times he faced during the race. This for sure requires lot of determination, self motivation and courage.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Canyons 50K - May 3, 2014

Canyons 50K was in its first year of inception this year. As the name suggests, it was in the Canyons from Foresthill to Swinging bridge and back. The course is part of the Western States 100 miler trail run which Shavi would be running this year. Anyone who knows this course, knows how brutal this is, especially on a hot day in May!

Considering that it was the first year of this race, it was a great race and very well organized. The swag included a trucker's hat which was great.

Shavi had a great time running and he would do it again.

Miner's Revenge Trail Marathon - April 2014

Miner's Revenge trail marathon and half marathon was in its first year of inception this year. It was a great and well organized trail race. It was held on April 27, 2014 in Cool this year. The marathon course had quite a bit of climbing and downhill, making it a hard race. Shavi was doing it as a training run. So, was taking it slow and easy, completing it in 5 hours and 2 minutes. He was bummed that he did not pay much attention to time in this race as he could have easily done a sub-5:-)

The race swag was different. It included a gym bag. Shavi liked the race and would do it again.

In Shavi's language: Anthony Brantley knows how to put a race together with a wicked course. Loved and hated every bit of the 26.2miles with ~4,700 feet of climbing and downhill.

American River Parkway Half Marathon - my first one after a long break

Yaayi! I am back to running:-) American River Parkway half marathon was my first half marathon ever in 2011. And now 6 months after the baby was born, I did my first official race after the break, on April 26, 2014. I had been running on and off since January 2013, training on my own, with a friend. It is amazing that it was not too hard to get back to running after the baby. Probably, because I had continued running until 6 months of pregnancy but then was a big 5-month break. I actually found running much better after the break:-)

I know the course of this race pretty well. I did not break my personal record or anything but it was a good way to get back to the racing world. This one has always been a great race for me. This was my 3rd time doing it. Heat was the only thing which was worrying me but it was a great cloudy day that day. The course mileage this year was a little off, making it a 13.75 mile course instead of 13.1 miles. I completed the race in 2 hours 40 mins and did 13.1 mi in 2 hours 32 mins, per my GPS.

Anyone wanting to do PRs or wanting to run a half marathon for the first time, this one is a nice race on American River Parkway. Thousands of people participate in this one. It includes 5K race, half marathon walk and half marathon run. This might be the cheapest race in Sacramento with funds going to American River Parkway. It has always been very well organized and well managed. Will do it again!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mokelumne River 50mi

This was the first time for Shavi running this race in Mokelumne. He had to drive really early morning there (around 5am since the place was more than an hour far from our home).

He really liked the Mokelumne River race. It was very well organized and they gave a really nice jacket to finishers. Not many people ran this race but it was worth running, per Shavi. Mokelumne River is a very tough race with almost 10K feet of climbing. Shavi completed the race in 12 hours and 10 mins - that was how brutal the course was!

As per Shavi's facebook status: Almost pulled a #bobroot today on the trails. Ended up doing 52.5miles to an already tough 50mi course. Mokelumne River 50mi is legit with ~10K feet of climbing and most of it in just 20miles (Mile 15 - 35). It reminded me of the climb to Devil's thumb a couple of times. Nice low key race, very well organized. Would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to get some quality miles in. Amazing views along the course. Good to see familiar faces in the middle of nowhere. (PS: #bobroot is a runner who got lost in the canyons and people spent 2 days finding him. Luckily, he was found alive.)

This was the first long race where he did not have me as crew. Good training run for him. And after the race, he drove all the way back home. Proud of your determination, Shavi! Keep it going.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

American River 50 miles Endurance Run - 2014

This year it was Shavi's 3rd AR50 race. I can only remember the first year he was going to do this one and I was so freaked out. Thinking about the distance was killing me! And this year it was nothing to worry about for me. I am glad that racing is going well for both of us :)

AR50 is a great race, great course and very well organized. Another good race by NorCalUltras. It is generally on the first weekend (Saturday) of April. They changed the course this year, making it all trails. Earlier it used to be half road and half trails. So, the timings of last year and this year could not be compared. It was hotter than last year but Shavi did good. He was again taking it easy to prevent injuries and be in shape for his big one coming up - WS 100 miles in June.

Another training run in the books for him.

Way Too Cool 50K - 2014

The first ultra marathon (50K) of the year is in the books for Shavi. He did it as a slow training run. He had a better time than his first Way Too Cool race but not as good as last year. It was hot this year. He had a fun run though. Way Too Cool is a good course and a very well organized race by NorCalUltras. Shavi has been enjoying it since the last 2 years. This was his 3rd WTC race.