Wednesday, June 17, 2015

AR 50 - April 4, 2015

Shavi ran AR50 yet again. Perfect time for running 50 miles when you are training for a 100-mile race. The aid stations were good as always but the only issue was the start. Runners had to get into a state park for the start line which was to close one hour before the race start. Basically, runners had to get inside by 5am which was a torture. What do you really do for that long? Sleep in the car maybe! I only went to see him at mile 26 (Beals point). Lot of people out there at Beals point. Parking is easy and getting inside the state park costs $12 unless you have a poppy pass. Then I went to the finish line. Shavi had to drive to San Francisco aiport to pick a friend after being up since 3.30am and running 50 miles in the hot weather. He did good on the run and finished in 9 hours and 27 mins.

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