Thursday, June 18, 2015

Western State training runs - labor day weekend special!

These training runs are done every day for 3 days on the labor day weekend. They have to be registered beforehand as they fill out pretty fast. It is 30miles on the first day and 20miles on the second and 20 miles on the third day. Shavi and other runners who are training for 100-mile runs generally like doing 50 miles for on the first day and 20 miles on the second day.

Shavi did much better on these training runs than last year. On his first day, when he was doing 50-miles, he was caught in bad thunderstorm and lightning but was glad to be safe out there in the canyons. These training runs are done on the Western States 100 trail and information on these races is provided on the Western States homepage ( The shuttles and transportation for these training runs is covered in the registration fee.

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