Thursday, June 18, 2015

Kaiser Women's 5K - June 7, 2015 - PR with 27 mins 46 secs

I did my customary race Women's Fitness Festival again this year. Last time I did, I was 6 months pregnant in 2013. This time was great, especially not knowing that I PR'ed by 9 seconds. I completed the race in 27 mins 46 seconds. This is a women's only race in Downtown, starting and ending at the Capitol.

It is recommended to stand in the front at the start line, unlike what I did. I thought standing at the back would be better but with so many runners and walkers, it got very tough to cross them and run at my regular pace for the initial 0.5 miles at least. The aid stations are at a good distance, course is nice but has lot of turns. There are some shaded areas and some sunny ones. I recommend wearing a running hat. This is a fun race and I will do it again, especially for the post-race party!!